Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chile Innovation as a growth pole

Chile Innovation as a growth pole

October 21, 2010


Chile is losing ground due to the fact that their culture does not understand that to be a develop nation you must invest in Research; Development and innovation


Today any person, company, region and country in order to stay current and competitive, must invest in innovation and upgrading all the time in all areas, to improve cost efficiency at its best in the internal management and the products or services. Becoming the art of turning ideas and knowledge in products, processes or services, new or improved that society and the market can appreciate. To make these advances we must have method that achieves and manages all the innovations that are made within any system, because these innovations must be made in all areas. That is, innovation involves changes leading products and services that best suit the needs of society and the market. And all of its content includes: e-business, technology and innovation. Organizational innovation and human resources, business or commercial innovation. Is a constant challenge. Only the concentration and circulation of ideas and knowledge lead a company region or country to technology innovation, efficiency and configuration of resources, technical, and economic need. Renovations continued in the area of production must start from where they interact all the components that give rise to the final product or service to the delivery of this, a key business innovation today is the delivery of services by companies which also supplies products to the community, making it to form a strong competition between industries, leaving consumers benefited directly. But each company is able to improve one or two aspects of competitive priorities of operations, since it is impossible to be a leader in all, each company improves its competitiveness depending on the product you want delivered and the life cycle of this. For proper organization within the company is very important as decisions are made within it, as all these decisions made today can affect the future of the company, which influence these decisions include: what to produce ?, how much to produce?, how to produce?, and for whom to produce?. The response speed is the key in today's competition. Companies to achieve an answer to every question they should divide the work in different areas and solutions all the needs of both internal and external. If the tools used are the same to get companies to grow and compete and do not disappear, due to globalization of markets, as these today are increasingly demanding higher quality products require a relatively lower prices, companies better services, faster manufacturing of products, innovative products different from each other and with high added value. The procurement process within a company is to specify what their needs for goods and services, comparing vendors and suppliers, negotiating with them to agree on terms of purchase contracts and placing orders to receive goods and services efficiently the organization. The purchases represent a major role, since good management of these improves the competitive position of enterprises, to search for the best benefit for the use of funds. But as markets have become globalized, the products demanded by consumers have been changing over time this feature has also done it. It is well known that firms are the sum of many components, suppliers, production, customers, employees, marketing, and competition. But the most important is innovation. While innovation is not regarded as an investment rather a cost in many companies and many countries or cultures in the world, that is has is considered today, the companies that want to improve their competitiveness and are aware of it, must boost their innovation strategies for growth.
By Bernardo Javalquinto
University of Maryland

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