Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our legacy!

We all know that small matter much - "a lot", that's what is said. Especially in love "details are important," some people say. But sometimes I wonder how difficult it is to check if this can be really true, or in proportion. For example, if we took a mountain. That's a big thing I think everyone would agree (some will say one mountain is larger and the other one is smaller). In here, it does not matter what size you have the mountains. Well, think also in a pinhead, that's a small thing right? everyone would agree. Then I ask how many pinheads do need to build or equal in size of a mountain? When we let the little things worry us a lot, all we do is actually distort our sense of perspective and compromise and our ability to keep things clear. We know that details and small things are important "very important" but they are not everything. Leaders maintain a balance between "details and big things". Without losing sense of the final goal. Everyone should spend a little time in projects and participate in life with willingness, desire, faith, love, for causes, things "alone" will never happen, that I can put it on writing. I know time is valuable, look at Steve Jobs, I always showed him as an example in my classes, a successful person in life, despite all the adversities he had in life, he changed something, I still do not know what did he changed, because the soul of Apple was Steve Jobs, and he is not any longer around us. But what I see in the contrary is that whatever change he made it was in fashion. But fashion goes on and off, I thing he is going to be out of fashion sooner or latter, cell phones, computers, clothes go out of fashion rapidly and people forget about it pretty soon, does anyone remembers the first TV brand in the world?, do you remember its inventor? He must have been a genius, or the same for the person who invented computers or videos, nobody remembers them now, but in the other hand, we do remember “Great Leaders” who left a fingerprint or a signature in this long and short-life, with Steve Jobs millions that he won, he did not do anything for society, not a foundation, he just left his family so rich that they will not have to work again in their entire life, but he did not leave a legacy to society. Instead true leaders left something great, if we remember some of them, as Alexander the Great, Anaxagoras, Thales of Miletus, Jesus, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Mozart, Gutenberg, Benjamin Franklin, Edison, Taylor, Gandhi, Einstein, Picasso, van Gogh, Sagan, Drucker, Porter, Norton, Kotler, just to name a few, left the ones dead and the ones alive are leaving a signature on our planet, Ford, said: "cars are not just for the rich, but for all," Bill Gates: "computers are not just for some, but for all", these are radical changes and even more they did create foundations to give back what they have earned in retribution. Yunus is leaving a legacy in society, eradicating poverty, changing society as a way of life “Social Business”, not only for themselves, but that others also may have the same opportunities, equally and with no discrimination, reinvesting to make companies and people grow, he will be remembered by many, I invite you all to leave a signature or at least to help, you will not feel sorry, we have a great opportunity, don’t let it pass away. We must persevere and be consistent in life, let's take what we have set out and finished it and do not expect everything to be ready in order to act or that others begin doing something before we take our first step. Our contribution is by this means and it is our responsibility to "correct the human behaviorism, which is so badly damaged today."
Bernardo Javalquinto

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