Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Of the Rich, by the Rich, for the Rich"

Senator Bernie Sander for Vermont wrote an article and I thought it would help us here in Chile to see what is happening in some aspects of what he thinks is happening in his country. Some time ago we have seen in our country a disastrous decision to rule only for some citizens “the Rich”. It is urgent a deep reflection and join efforts to repeal the current situation of the citizens of our country, or to lessen its impact. Becomes more and more clear and imminent a crash of social classes if nothing is done. Abraham Lincoln said, in his famous speech at Gettysburg during the Civil War, of the United States of America as a country "of the people, by the people and for the people." Today, as a result the citizens of the world and ours, are no exception, we are going very fast to become nations "of the rich, the rich and the rich." Chile, despite the fact of having one of the most unequal distributions of wealth and income than any country on earth, our millionaires and billionaires want more, more and more.

Here what we will see very soon is a new Bastille or the beginning of the French Revolution but in the Latin America continent. People do not take any more the abuse that is happening in the financial sector, political and economic system of the country where the judicial, legislative, executive, private and public sector, accept and allow these groups of power and wealth, conservative or liberal let them do but it pleases. We cannot understand that winning so much money by so little people allow the suffering of so many families that cannot defend themselves from abuse by those with power. But the saddest thing of all in this big picture is to see that in our beloved country the political and economic authorities, and even more in the private sector, they let facts continue to occur in front of our own eyes, of abuses that have no name. I wonder: when will end up such abuse, knowing that regardless, they allow it; to repair the damage will take years to reverse. Is perhaps the intention of spending hundreds of millions of dollars of the rich to buy the soul of the humble? If it so, they are wrong. Rather I think, they are creating and spreading hatred so great that not have realized and that it will end sooner than later.

We must reverse the situation. We must take seriously the maintenance of the foundations of democracy, but not this current "democracy", to which they can buy, bread, circuses, and promises and deceit. We have to show that citizens and social networks are one of the most powerful weapons that are currently created and expose the evil, lying, and corrupt, which we will have so much time trying to maintain an unsustainable system that are more concerned how to be perpetuated in power. In a few weeks or months in local elections (and later presidential), they will get a big surprise. If we want to reduce the terrible impact of their decisions, at least there should be a politician or a leader who really stand out against it, a citizen who is completely disillusioned with all the decisions that only serve the rich and forgot about the homeless, because things are in our country are not penalized, this is a country full of opportunities, but for foreigners living in worse conditions in their countries than ours, accepting whatever it takes to be better than in their own countries and obviously to the untouchables is the perfect conditions. Such as our friends of La Polar. That deceived so many people and they have to spend their arrest in their lovely houses

To improve this situation that overwhelms us all citizens of our beloved country, we must strengthen Social Security, through an economic system fair for all, where maximizing profits, with lower costs does not mean sacrificing quality. We have a poor educational system, poor health, poor public services, mediocre politicians, mediocre authorities, mediocre companies, mediocre roads, mediocre universities, mediocre schools, mediocre sources of information, telephone systems mediocre, mediocre energy systems and to continue mentioning the mediocrity in which we are embedded and all thanks to government policies that have brought us to this point of outrage. But we also know that it is also our own responsibility, each of us, citizens, that we have conveniently permitted all of this, while we engage on television, celebrity cheap, football, cheap reality's shows, TV series and letting us run over every step and every day for a system that only considers people as "entities of the market, buyers who have to go into more debt, using the best marketing tools , communication, excellent speakers, via financial system and speeches to interest anyone that knows nothing about abusive interest rates they are being charged.

At a time when all Chileans are worried, there is a speared of light at the other end of the world that tells us which way to go. This light is called prof. M. Yunus that has a different approach and has been highly successful, measurable, and unquestionable in improving the lives of people and restore dignity to millions of people around the world, people who were worse off than those who live in Chile. This opens a force for good in a powerful way, also in developed countries such as USA, Japan, China, Germany, just to name the some. This is the new social business economy. Which brings us to the conclusion, and makes it clear that the rich bankers and their partners will not win? We cannot keep leaving and letting "they take all from us", please do not despair fellow citizens, the solution is coming. While banks continue their abuse with their business partners and between the "rich", there are thousands of people that got the message. And as always, I repeat that phrase for the Human race that J.F. Kennedy said once- "when the tide rises, all boats rise." If you think there are conflicts of interest and we should face them and deal with it, create it, the storm for the owners of pseudo “Olympia chilensis” is coming from below, there is a subterranean noise of anger that is growing bigger and bigger and sooner or later will occur the expected change, not wanting those who are perpetuated in power, from both sides, but a real democracy, virtuous, honest, ethical and that we all are called to participate.

Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist, University of Maryland AA, BSc, MBA, PhD ©

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