Monday, April 22, 2013


Education, Finances, Business whenever I travel on the roads of our country, I have the feeling that something really strange happens when I go to pay for using the road I realize that using it has increased.
The Central Bank says it has achieved its goals of controlling inflation, and ask the person where payment why prices rose and says he does not know, but with his cheerful face says "but we were up wages", never up wages. What? So, I wonder why prices rise then the use of the road, when you make increases in the use of them, should be investing that money in the staff working on it, in infrastructure, clean (bags, bottles , paper), the audit, in the expansion of it, because the blocks that form on the highways are incredibly disastrous. The number of accidents is due to lack of control, I see trucks with loads hanging from side to side, ancient trucks and vans in an area of 100 km / h will be 40 km.
If we want a Superintendent of Education, and we have a Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, and not as to other agencies and supervisory bodies, wonder what they are. I wonder if the authorities say they have advanced so much, if we are at full employment, why crime rates have increased, why poverty continues to rise, why highways are allowed to increase the value of the use of them, if Central Bank and financial authorities say inflation is under control.
It is frightening to see when you're driving how pollution is of pollutants on the fields, that the windows of cars are filled with mosquito insecticides escaping pulling trains and left, no matter what all these chemicals go directly to the people who circulate quietly, without any benefit from it, out of the damage we do to health, one can really say, no matter what poison me I am benefiting from all these chemicals that are damaging the health of all.
So I keep thinking of the way, what actually happens in our country, in which students perform demonstrations, but offer no solution, because education is so bad that you are able to do a project, at least when interview, are not ridiculous, they do not know what to say and candidates less. Well, that is the education received by students in our country, those are the roads by which circulate mediocre, those are the birth defects we see in cities across the country, because in the state and private companies are not interested and not human capital concern.
We are living in the past, only the profits generated capital to entrepreneurs, the authorities probably have to say absolutely nothing supervise. So it remains to sit, to wait-out the seven months left, so that the next person handling country split again from scratch, because my opinion is that today people, institutions, organizations do what they please . In the end nobody cares. "What is necessary for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing about it." It is not the Minister, is everything part of a developing nation they all go the same process until they learn
Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist University of Maryland

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