Monday, March 19, 2012

Education and Development

Education and Development
From a humble way in which we think, both in life and death, gives us the strength to keep fighting against all odds, great frustrations, disappointments in this short and long life in store for us, but when there is a common cause it is worth trying. When a child you spoke as a child, you understand as a child, and think like a child. But when you grow up and become a man and/or a woman, you put aside all childish things. When we're big, we should feel privileged for the great responsibility we have with children and the education of our youth, our main duty is to impress them and show them that they will face difficulties in life, but we must also teach them that they can overcome them, they should do what they have to do, to do what they want to do in their lives. The education we give them in our home is our unique heritage and education outside of our homes is to reinforce our own, is the only way to go forward. Is the come out of mediocrity, ignorance, out of the darkness and the entrance to the glorious light of knowledge, faith, trust and respect for human life.
The enthusiasm, fortitude, temperance, patience, tolerance and so much more. It's all part of a learning process for all us. It serves as a lived experience to not to do so in the future, if they fail there are things beyond our management or escape personal decision making. Of course, the events make us one way or another directly or indirectly know and serve to at least pay attention to me in the educational field of our country and many others. This is not over, is not accomplished. I say that the human mind is our fundamental resource to understand the things of life. However, decisions are made by us and we handle the wheel of life, one chooses the direction you want to be. You know better than anyone today, tomorrow or in distant time to come. But the power most beautiful, exquisite and biggest of all is the power to choose where we want to be, what we want to do, think, but, also with whom we want to be and nobody can take away that power "is ours", and nobody´s else.
We do what we do. We can be what we want. But to achieve the great things about it in this long and short life, there are not only accomplished by talking the most important thing is to act, we should also dream, not only to love and also, we have to plan, believe, because there are powers within us that we must look discover and use, so we can make possible things, we always dreamed of or imagined impossible a "reality." Obviously we do not shape between one and another and we do not adjust to the reality of the world "it is impossible," life happens and does not care if you're rich or poor, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly, healthy or sick, life does not care if you're good or if you are bad, just happens. Therefore is up to us to take a moment look within and around and remember the basic principles taught us, also look how beautiful life is and see all the changes we can do, but only then we will see our situation and we will see it "because it is in our minds."
One of the worst sins of life, is the severance of our soul and many people have been swept the floor and been underestimate long enough, but our souls are still intact. Deep frustrations there are many,  the system will not let us make our dreams come reality. But "alone" we cannot do things, especially without the support of many. The important thing is to be consistent and try, sometimes we succeed and others fail. Because admit mistakes is an act of loyalty and courage. We must be patient and have tenacious character worthy of admiration. We have to finish the project and causes that we start, because young people are agents of change in our lives, you are the future. Do not ever forget it, be an example, be leaders, be the first.
Playing with the dreams of people cannot occur and this is the primary reason to continue, or the dreams of many people seeking to be better in this life, should not swindle or play with it. We must remain calm but at least we tried. We must continue to find true happiness, one that simply lives in the heart and soul of each one of us every day and every night with an inner peace. Because we are all equal, free and single people that we only need an opportunity and the most incredible thing of all is that we cannot forget, is that not so important, oaths, documents, promises, or words, but the results. Follow these alignments and see the results without repentance. On the contrary worthy of "memories". Finally, no less important, the difficulties of today help us to reinforce that at least try to change things for the better for some that likes the easy way they say is impossible to leave a better world.
Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist, University of Maryland MA, BSc, MBA, PhD (IP)

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