Thursday, February 21, 2013

Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI
Approximately 600 years B.C. There was a massive transformation in human society, this was a kind of renaissance in consciousness, but rather than religious was rather a spiritual kind, this alters some human culture. One of the first signs that society is undergoing is the meaning of "concern". There were some moments in our lives that were full than differences, but did not know who were these "experiences" or how we could do to make us realize that they were not eternal, they finished were completely dissatisfied and restless with a life that was again normal. In pursuit of this concern and to find who was behind all this, we find the attitude of "being me first", for example: among them, the power struggle in relationships. The first view is when our mind is conscious of our lives. That is, there was a problem with the vs matches. chance. The second vision was real and now puts in context a longer history from the perspective that there was a concern "updated information" and before we could understand where we were and what would happen to us, we had to understand that was what was really happening. If we try to understand the reality that people lived 1000 years ago in the Middle Ages, the reality was defined by the church and / or influenced by it, life was defined by a spiritual test step putting God as the center of universe, and salvation was "if you behave well, you went to heaven and if you misbehaved to hell." Later, 500 or 600 years ago things began to change society and break schemes. Science begins to play an important role in society and abruptly bankruptcy schemes which people were accustomed to follow. Copernicus puts into question the theory that the earth was the center of the universe and this causes a commotion in humanity. Because human beings cease to be the center of everything. This means that the earth was not the center of the universe, it breaks all the schemes. Scientists proved that the earth was only a small planet orbiting a small sun and was surrounded by galaxies and billions of stars. The loss was enormous security and people were extremely concerned to make more secure existence. Since then of spirituality have shelved by uncertainty and wondering why we live we live. Is the meaning of life has been difficult, so that today we can see the effects that have led us. How can we explain in the light of the above, all events that are happening globally in the country and the region without going any further, and to generate at least something we can believe. We can say that there is always the "Faith", but there are many people who do not, because faith has also been destroyed with the same act in our society. That is the values, principles, traditions, actions, habits, lose meaning. Like when schemes were broken in the past, leave us all in uncertainty. When this happens we all have the responsibility to care for it and no one can evade this responsibility. Because uncertainty is the cause of all social ills and the future of the coming generations depend on us. There are some who choose the easy way and become deaf and ignore what happens. Still others prefer the hard way because we like to do things right "right" from the beginning and Benedict XVI, "ethics" in every sense of the word is paramount for all.
Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist, MBA, PhD

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