Thursday, January 16, 2014

The irreversible evolution or revolution

The irreversible evolution or revolution
Yes we are entering long time ago into the global industrial revolution, and we are not doing anything. My friend Chris Macrae son of the man who wrote the Constitution to Prime Minister Gandhi, Lord Macrae, Scottish, Philanthropist and he is organizing a big event in Georgia, Atlanta looking for solutions to youth employment and where will attend, many personalities and Nobel prizes from all over the world. I asked a question and I think I must share with you because it goes hand in hand with our problems. "I've been thinking carefully about the project of Youth 2015 in Georgia, Atlanta, I think the word" revolution "is a bit strong for the time when humanity is living" is my humble opinion, "this is a" momentum "Awareness of the human mind. I think the correct word should replace that from "Revolution" by "Evolution". Because the human being is going through a process of change in our minds and and taking consciousness of what is happening globally. Previously, the lack of communication that existed worldwide was very large. Today with globalization everything is possible. So when the curriculum in schools, is right, you are looking for one that would have to change the mindset of people and so leave them as a legacy has you have repeatedly mentioning to future generations. This had to do with two issues of utmost importance. First, it has to do with the fair distribution of income, they have created a world that all it does is create distrust in the system, and people do not believe in anything. The second part of this, are the unemployment rates in the world. Because if you add the two, where the concentration of wealth in few hands, has poverty that abounds in all countries. Something tells me we're not doing things right, then every economic crisis the rich get richer and the poor poorer, I think the fundamental issue here is that capitalism has been given free rein to do what want they want and justice can not punish abuse the system is doing. In addition, the impunity that exists in people who do evil to society are left free of all responsibility and nobody says anything about it. Then, the word revolution connotes a dramatic change, however when it comes to evolution, the word is more developed and can teach people from small age we have to improve ourselves in an evolutionary way and go from being ignorant many issues and to encourage us that we have to educate ourselves and evolve in terms of human development, and for this we must be clear about what responsibilities and what is the role of human rights in society. Once we clear the relationship between economics and human rights (second generation) that relates to the economic and social rights. Then we could focus on the curriculum you're looking for and create the curricula for the conduct of all persons, clear rules but with values, principles, ethics and morals. If we can not find the balance between the machines - the knowledge and human capital, as prof Dr. Shlomo Maital as exposed, we can not arrive at human evolution we are looking for and a curriculum that would teach from childhood the values and principles that have been lost because there are very few world leaders in the world that are fully working on these issues but we the world have failed. "Just enough to see how Singapore in almost 20 years they have achieved what we could not in many emerging countries in 200 years.
Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist

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