Saturday, July 28, 2012


A little reflection, with respect to happiness that many people were discussing yesterday, comparing the situation in this country where I am UAE (DUBAI) with ours, although they almost live in the sand, the theme of happiness gets a little hard to explain, some people said that happiness depended basically, with money, but looking further at this culture, I realize that the ultimate authority of the country, is very concerned about its citizens, and really there is a fair distribution of income, and this one you can see it and it is reflected in the faces of people always smiling, happy, something in them that is in them and in us that we seems to be missing in our society, ours it is a very sad, very stressed, always living on the just right or almost  closed budget, however here are oil resources, the authority wants to become a service society, transform it and stop only to exploit natural resources without offering zero added value. The highest authorities distribute that wealth with the people, but in our country who do not know where it goes so much wealth that we do not see, why they do not invested in major projects, as seen in this country, in their people, universities, roads, buildings, infrastructure and therefore has become the center of attraction for most of the world. In our country, it is sad to see how bad and mediocre we do things, if only had a 25% of awareness that the people have in the UAE, then I myself, would I said that we are a happy, but "not" they take all the money and the other half or less than just lives, what a pity they do not have an open mind and visionary mind, than the people who have money in our country, that they would only think that they can help those most in need with donations that are given back by the state at the end of the year, Finally, through a good education, good paying job, a good environment, good housing, good heating systems, A/C, a good passing during becoming in old age, and so much more and so on the live here "Happy".

Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist, University of Maryland AA, BSc, MBA, PhD
Escuela de Negoocios Sociales (ENS)

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