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Chile`s Political situation 2010

Chile`s Political situation 2010

October 07, 2010
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The purpose of this and analysis is to explain basically that despite all the economic advances that Chile had achieved a during the last decades there is still a political resentment from the way that military rule transition to de democratic system was managed. Chile is an example, but and can have a profound impact on the Chilean society and therefore I would like to brief a summary of the political events here in Chile.


 After the military regime that governed the country until 1990, Chile has democratically elected its presidents and has transitioned to a society where, in appearance, democracy prevails. Though this is true in many ways, there is an ever increasing resentment by the general public that our politicians, both those in government and in the opposition, are a well established group of people that are more interested in perpetuating the establishment they have created, than really addressing the needs of the more unfortunate and the country in general. Over the last years the country has witnessed several major scandals related to corruption, only to discover that after major public outcries by the politicians of all colors, nothing really happens. On occasions some lower level civil servant may serve some time in jail and some minor changes in legislation may be enacted, though they do little to really solve the problems. This is just one of the areas of the many that need reform. Seeing that there is an increasing apathy among the general public towards politics and politicians, especially among the younger generations, and abuses in the economic system Chile is currently in the process of establishing a new political party based on the ethical standards that we would hope may prevail in this century. This party seeks to be truly independent, with young people and provide a new political space for qualified people that want to introduce profound changes in how politics works and avoid social disruption. Naturally Chile is not alone in the world with this kind of problems, but perhaps the Chilean business model could be replicated elsewhere with all the changes that we are experiencing. Worth mentioning, and in line with the hypothesis that the world is seeking change, the announcement of Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus that has change the manner to seek poverty. Help promote his idea of poverty reduction through micro-credits, of which we now have more than 600,000. Microcredit’s given in this country. Naturally much more needs to be done. In environmental awareness, respect to elderly, respect to human development, health, education but most importantly, understand that we must invest in Research, Development and innovation. If the political system does not change there are going to social class conflicts because people is getting tired of the abuses that nobody is protecting them from abuses of the economic model established which is supposed to benefit all and is not and the system itself appears that Chile is back in the industrial revolution. And we all remember what happened to the capitalistic system without government intervention.
Bernardo Javalquinto

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